Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Garden So Far

From Gardening

I took this shot from my bedroom window, which shows how nice and neat everything is looking now that the weeds are all mowed down.

A couple of observations:

-We should really trim the huge cabbage leaves back. I read that you can and it won't hurt the plant, and it would stop it from taking over the squares around it.
-The 4-foot stakes were NOT high enough for the eager peas. Next year I'm going to try the net/frame combo that can go up to 5 feet instead of 4.
-The broccoli that is growing the best is the one that actually gets less sun, because it is blocked part of the day by the peas. Hmm.
-I have no idea if I planted leeks right or what/how I should do with them. They look lush though.
-Still need to put netting on the strawberries and consider safeguarding the blueberries as well. Maybe this week!

Finishing the stones between the beds will make this look a lot nicer.

We have started being able to enjoy the vegetables of our labor this week. Besides the post about bok choy, we've had a salad with lettuce from the garden, and a pasta salad with peas and dill from it. That's the point, and it is really happening, not too far into May.

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  1. Broccoli will bolt, if it's in full sun, as will the lettuce & cabbage. Also: how are you watering? Drip irrigation is really easy, and will encourage much deeper roots (and much healthier plants). :)