Friday, May 7, 2010

From Garden to Table - Bok Choy!

From Gardening

It has finally happened - something grew, and we ate it. The bok choy cabbages that are scattered in Raised Beds #1 and #2 were grown from seeds, sprouted inside, transplanted, and have thrived in our warm spring. The Bonnie Early hybrids are still growing, and can't be harvested until there is an entire head there.

But Bok Choy can be harvested a leaf at a time, you just take off the formed outer leaves and leave the tender middle ones to keep growing. I'm not sure at what point you consider the plant "done," but I know we haven't reached that point yet.

From Gardening

The bok choy didn't have to go very far to become Garlic Bok Choy. Hopefully there will be many more new meals in our house that come from the back yard!


  1. Yay!

    I begin to see your wisdom in leaving spaces between things. We'd always end up with things jam-packed together, and had a difficult time harvesting.

    Glad you're not harvesting whole heads - they'll keep on growing into a tall plant, but may need support as the exposed stalk gets taller. Sorta like Brussels Sprouts.

  2. Brussel sprouts! I need to add those to the list for next year. I also need to figure out a higher staking solution for my peas, stat!

  3. Peas. One year we drove in those metal fenceposts & slipped a 10' piece of PVC over them, with a crosspiece of PVC just wired onto the vertical ones. We could then throw twine over it & tie everything up. We did that for tomatoes, but it could work for peas, as well.

    We turned them into a teepee the following year.

    See this shot for the teepee pic - can't seem to find the other, but that was before digital photos.

  4. Or, build something resembling a sawhorse, like this. They're about 10 feet tall. Believe it or not, your tomatoes will grow that large.

    Also: it's not too late in the season to start Brussels. You have a really long season, there.