Sunday, September 19, 2010

Surprise Harvest

From Gardening

We went out to do the work in the garden, pulling out things that were done, trimming back the tomatoes and marigolds again, and planting more greens for fall. And look what we found!

I had dismissed the sweet potatoes, thought I'd planted them too early, but then I put my hand deeper in the soil, haha! Now I'm following the recommendations on the Clemson Extension Website about curing them, and they are laying out in the garage where I'm certain it will stay quite warm for the next 14 days!

Today we pulled out the basil, and in the bed by the house we planted giant mustard greens from Sow True and more kale. Radishes were planted where the sweet potatoes came out of, after adding mushroom compost to everything. We are already altering the soil as we go!

As we trimmed back the marigolds I found some renegate carrots that look short, stubby, but healthy. We also are still finding strawberries to eat, go figure.

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  1. Awesome harvest! I'm so glad that something has turned out well with your garden!