Sunday, August 15, 2010

Timing is Everything

From Gardening

We're kind of in a lull season in the garden - picking and eating a lot of tomatoes, planting a bunch of green things for fall, and waiting for pumpkins and melons to ripen. If timing is everything, it is the one thing we lack in our first year of gardening. I picked one watermelon way too soon, and we had to throw it out because it wasn't ripe enough to eat. If I wait until it seems right, the bugs get there first. Is there a magic formula? There are others starting to grow as the vines slowly take over the entire west side of the lawn. It would be nice to actually get to eat one of them!

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  1. There's supposedly a number of days from when the fruit sets until when you pick it ... but that's never worked for me.

    There's also something to do with the stem starting to dry out, but ... again, never worked.

    They're fiddly things.