Friday, February 26, 2010

We don't know anything!

My husband Nathaniel and I are slowly (and possibly not so surely) learning how to garden. Two years ago we put in a raised bed with herbs, with the help of his parents, as well as having a palmetto planted in our yard. Last year we tried redoing the small patch out front with ground cover and other plants that wouldn't need a lot of attention. We also planted some blueberries and grapes, and had some tomato disasters in a pot.

This year we are putting in four raised beds, with an attempt to grow flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We are starting from zero knowledge, and hope to come out with something in the end! I thought it would be fun to blog it.

What is a greenhorn?

One resource defines it as "an inexperienced person; a novice, beginner or newcomer." Well, that's true. I grew up gardening, but only really weeding and picking things, not planning and planting.

My favorite definition comes from here and equates greenhorn with cub, defined as "an awkward and inexperienced youth." I feel very awkward and inexperienced about all of this!

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