Sunday, February 28, 2010


From Gardening

Today I used a Burpee seed greenhouse to get a few plants started that I want to go in my winter/salad vegetable garden, but that are better to plant as transplants than directly from seeds. I was originally planning to just buy seedlings but couldn't find as many options for cabbages and greens. In the tray I have romaine lettuce (to compare with the seedlings from Home Depot), two asian cabbages, kale, and swiss chard.

I'm worried that my garage won't give them enough sunlight so I might move them into the dining room or sunroom in the house. What do you think?

I was excited at how easy these were to do, and the mat is self-watering. I think I will start tomatoes and some other summery plants this way too, because it gives me more options when I can start with seeds.

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  1. We found a great mix, already mixed up here: It's the Premium plant mix. Looks to be much cheaper than buying in bags. You would need a truck or trailer though, because it's in bulk. But no mixing!

    We're only doing one bed this year, as a trial run, with the possibility of doing more next year. Our beds were supposed to go up this weekend but the place didn't have the planting mix in stock until this Wed so we decided to wait till next weekend. So glad I can follow along with you!