Sunday, April 17, 2011

Works in Progress

From Gardening

Today we planted the apple tree, moved the raspberry, and put weed matting down in our newly designated "fruit tree area." Nathaniel had taken out the grape and dying blueberry and put two more blueberries in a few weeks ago. We're going to end up with mulch covering that area with a nice border, but don't have all the parts yet.

From Gardening

Forgive the photos, we were covered in dirt and the only camera downstairs was the old iPhone. The garlic is going strong, the peas are growing fast, and the lettuce and greens are starting to show up. I planted an additional lettuce and some potatoes today as well. I'm still waiting on May 1 to plant tomatoes and the southern peas we have, but could put in new herbs any time.

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  1. Looking good! Thanks for the updates - it lets us garden vicariously. :)