Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nurseries and Garden Centers in Greenville, SC

From Gardening

For newbie gardeners, one of the things you need to figure out is where to buy plants and gardening supplies. We have a Lowes and a Home Depot just down the road, but I find that the plants I buy there are not always as cared for as they are at nurseries, besides lacking the general variety places devoted just to plants can have.

Some of our favorites:

Country Boys Garden Center
I (Jenny) like them for their amazing variety of plants. Vegetables were 99 cents each, and they had a great selection of heirloom tomatoes in particular this year. Nathaniel feels like they are more cookie-cutter, but are possibly the best combination of good prices with decent variety.

The Garden Treasury
Though a little out of the way for us (we live on the north side of town), this nursery is really close to Woodruff Rd. They were stronger on shrubs, trees, and decorative plants than on vegetables and herbs. The woman who owns it knows a lot and was very helpful, as was another worker who just helps on the weekends. We went here first yesterday, and bought a beautiful wisteria plant for the front yard. When we priced the same plant other places, we discovered we had paid $10-20 less at The Garden Treasury than we would have elsewhere.

Lichtenfelt Nurseries
Lichtenfelt Nurseries is an amazing place. The prices are reasonable but it is the variety that is astounding. Despite their size and popularity, there always seemed to be staff members nearby to answer questions or help out. They offer workshops and garden planning services too.

The farmers' markets in the area are a great resource as well, and once they are all open for the summer we'll give an overview of them.


  1. We always had a rule: never grow what you can buy. That meant that we ended up with the strange (usually heirloom) varieties of things. It certainly made things more interesting!

  2. I love that rule, David, and I want to get closer to that next year when we order more from seed catalogs. There is a great heirloom seed company not far from us in Asheville that has 300 varieties, and I am growing their Appalachian greens as well as a pink eggplant from them.